Symbol of Ocean

Løvskar Sjøtrening

Hydna is a non-profit organization made for the ones who make an impact to save the oceans. It is a symbol of hard work, persistence and a belief that there still is time to save our ocean

Empower and reward the ones who save the ocean. 

People all over the world are working hard - spending their time, power and money to save our planet. Hydna is here to give something in return.  

Advanced Technology

Hydna uses cutting-edge technology to propell changes. 

Community Driven

HydnaWorld is an international ocen community... using decentralized democratic principles. 


There is not -one- right way to save the ocean. We need a diversity of solutions. From the girl picking plastic bottles off a polluted beach to the parliamentarian advocating sustainable solutions.  

HydnaWorld Community
Hydna Token Ambassadors

Hydna Ambassadors holds Hydna tokens as a symbol of their efforts to save the ocean. 

Martin is a Norwegian Olympic Elite rower. During the last five years, he has initiated several beach cleanup events for freedivers in Norway, cleaning tons of ocean trash out of the fjords. 

Martin Helseth
Norwgian Olympic Rower

Fabrice is a professional underwater moviemaker. He has produced countless clips figuring the creatures of the ocean in cinemas and aquariums around the world. Fabrice is a founder of the MetaOcean community  

Fabrice Schnoller
French underwater moviemaker

Melissa has been the chairwoman of the largest freediving club in Norway for several years. The club is known for its efforts for underwater cleanup events and has picked tons of litter out of the inner Oslo fjord basin. 

Melissa Miloe Granli
Chairwoman of Spearos Oslofjord

Andreas has led scientific expeditions to the most remote places in the world documenting human effects on the oceans. Andreas is a founder of the MetaOcean community. 

Andreas B. Heide
Norwegian Arctic Sailor & Explorer

Helge Lovskar is the founder of several marine-oriented NGOs in Norway. His initiatives has given thousands of people access to the fjord and enthusiasm about the underwater life. 

Helge Løvskar
Norwegian Marine Entrepreneur

Still have questions?

Hydna Tokens explained

Consider the Hydna Token as a key. A key you can display as a symbol of your dedication to saving the ocean. It unlocks awards and gives you access to a community of other watermen- and women. 

What are Token Awards?

These are awards given by Hydna or partners to all holders of Hydna Tokens. If you hold a token, you will receive the reward. Typically, discounts, access to events, merchs, libraries of media etc.

Can I sell or trade the token?

Yes, you may sell or trade the token as you like. 

How can I get a token?

You essentially get spotted or nominated for a token. 

Do you have any questions?

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What is the token worth?

The token is yet a symbol and is not backed by any solid currency. It may however, hold a physical value in the future. 

What is HydnaWorld?

HydnaWorld is a virtual community for people involved or interested in marine life. It is a virtual space hosting events, art, entertainment, information and collaboration space in addition to a place for formal- and informal meetings. 

Who We Are

Our Team

Hydna AS is a Norwegian company based in Oslo. It was established by Helge Løvskar in 2019 to promore solutions to ocean challenges. In 2021 the team expanded to include another two watermen and a watergirl. Passionate Ocean promoter and geologist Tonje Tennholm, Arctic Explorer Andreas B. Heide, and VR film creator and marine biologist Fabrice Schnoller.